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ida zubaeda - mimpi

Judul: ida zubaeda - mimpi

Publikasi: August 07, 2009

Uploader: surgawi

Durasi: 03:51

Lyric/Composer : Farouk Adir

Music/Arranger: OM Kharisma
Pimp.Mara Karma

Produksi : Virgo Ramayana Records

Mimpi adalah album pertama Ida Zubaeda
Hits single nya Mimpi sepeti judul album nya
Single ke 2 nya Dilarang Masuk ciptaan Leo Waldy
Ida Zubaeda adalah penyanyi wanita dari NTB

If I select good sample singers of "Virgo Ramayana Records" in early '90,
they are IRMA ERVIANA and this IDA ZUBAEDA.
IRMA ERVIANA has left masterpieces like "Mr. Mohamed" and "Buka Pintu"
in the history of Dangdut. On the other hand, IDA ZUBAEDA has released
this album " Mimpi" and an excellent one titled "Sama Sama Dewasa" also.
The composer on both albums is MARA KARMA (he has come to Japan as a
tough-looking guitar player with the Queen of Dangdut, ELVIE SUKAESHI)
and it might be recordings at his best age. If ITJE TRISNAWATI is the first
idol singer at the Dangdut scene, I should evaluate IDA ZUBAEDA between
ITJE TRISNAWATI and INE SINTHYA. IDA ZUBAEDA was an attractive singer
with a sugary voice. I have seen IDA once on the Indonesian TV music program,
"Aneka Safari" (it is before a promotion video is generalized and on the
TV program, Dangdut singers had usually been performing to only move their
mouth without voice synchronizing with the sounds), but she was charming
and it seemed to me as if she was really singing.
At the Dangdut scene, she has not been heard of since she released the album,
"Selamat Berbahagia". Somebody know about her at present?
I believe Dangdut was in a golden age at the time!