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No Exit - Jacky Bastek

Judul: No Exit - Jacky Bastek

Publikasi: January 05, 2015

Uploader: Jacky Bastek

Durasi: 06:56

Hey everyone! The Persian rug is back!
This is my new song called 'No exit'. It is about the play by Jean-Paul Sartre. Really hope you like it! You can download the audio from my bandcamp page:

Thanks to Manuel Raab (Cornix media) for recording it and Eddie van der Meer for helping out with the audio! Check him out:

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Tuning: DAC#F#AD

Tell me all your shame
Confess to all your crimes
We're locked behind these walls
We must be damned souls
You seem a bit odd to me
As you have no control
Insanity creeps all over us
You must be my torturer

Hell is other people
They make my mind commit suicide
Please get me out of here
Or let these strangers disappear
I wish I had known
That there is no exit

This is not what I have sinned for
This is what I've suffered on earth
I'm trying to explore
Every possible floor
Of this maze that we call our minds
And ourselves

We're searching for an exit
that we'll never find
No harakiri would stop it this time.
We're deceased as we're gone
But alive enough to feel it
Alive enough to feel each other as a burden