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Download now You Too Can Restore the Shine and Color to Your Gelcoat with EZ Buff Polishing Compounds mp3

You Too Can Restore the Shine and Color to Your Gelcoat with EZ Buff Polishing Compounds

Judul: You Too Can Restore the Shine and Color to Your Gelcoat with EZ Buff Polishing Compounds

Publikasi: January 21, 2016

Uploader: Aurora Marine Industries

Durasi: 02:08

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You Too Can Restore the Shine and Color on Your Boat Gelcoat with EZ Buff Polishing Compound.

This step by step video series will show you how You Too Can Restore the Shine and Color on your chalky, oxidized Boat Gelcoat; from planning and evaluation to boat cleaning, Gelcoat restoration with EZ Buff one step polishing compounds and a polishing machine, all the way to boat polish, pride in a job well done and you’ll love the envious stares you get from everyone who see your new boat.
These videos will show you the fast and easy way to durable fiberglass boat restoration and Gelcoat restoration, without tedious old fashioned multi step rubbing compounds, sandpaper and carnauba boat wax buffing which takes a long time and only lasts for a short while.
Rubbing compound was originally invented for smoothing and polishing paint not for boat detailing gel coat. Some people have even tried to use it for regular boat cleaning and boat polish. Gel coat and paint are very different. Paint is much harder than gel coat and can withstand more aggressive treatment. Rubbing compound is essentially a slurry or paste composed of sandpaper grit mixed in a wax, silicone or oil base with petrochemical solvents. The idea behind using rubbing compound is to start with a coarse grit to scratch away the damaged surface quickly and then to compound again with a medium grit to scratch and cut the surface back even more so the deep scratches don’t show as much and finally buffing your boat again with a fine grit to reduce the scratching left by the medium grit. The reason for the wax or heavy silicone oil is to help lubricate the grit as it scratches and then to fill in the scratches left behind so that the surface appears smooth and shiny.
The reason that using rubbing compound as a fiberglass oxidation remover for gelcoat restoration, with a polishing machine, is best left to an experienced professional is that it takes a skilled hand only gained from much experience to get professional results without swirls and burn through. Remember, when your boat was new, it only had a thickness of 20 to 30 mm of gelcoat. That’s about as thick as 8 sheets of paper. It doesn’t take much to grind through the gel coat and then you’re looking at refinishing your boat. Few people can gain the necessary skill on their first attempt.
EZ BUFF polishing compound is a new discovery that was designed for the inexperienced novice, as well as the professional boat detailer, to quickly and easily buff a boat,remove oxidation, chalk, light scratches, swirl marks and restore your boat Gelcoat back to its original smooth, mirror finish, all in one step. EZ Buff is water based and does not contain wax or silicone oils. It contains multiple grits so that it restores your gel coat and polishes all in one step. This saves you time and money.
EZ Buff is designed to work with EZ Buff Extender to eliminates swirl marks and burn through. EZ Buff Extender lubricates the surface and extends the working time making the process so forgiving that you can get professional results your first time.It contains LUMIGLOW™ to enhance color, making your white Gel coat whiter and your dark color Gel coat deeper and richer. Best results are obtained with a rotary buffer and clean wool pad. The One Step technology saves your time and money.
In this video series, we selected a badly oxidize deep red and white, 27 year old boat for our gelcoat restoration demonstration. It also had waterline stains that the boat owner could not get out, it had worn decals and tape that the owner wanted to remove and replace and it had scuff marks.To make it even more challenging, we’re going to teach two rookies the art of boat detailing on this customers boat. They’ll learn about boat cleaning, gelcoat restoration, buffing a boat, and how to polish fiberglass.
We’ll use the EZ Buff Kit which contains Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub, a Marine Power Mitt, New EZ Buff, EZ Buff Extender and a Rotary Buffer with a Wool Pad and Premium Boat Shine to lock in the shine. Proper boat cleaning and removal of heavy oxidation is important before you start buffing a boat so that the pollutants on the surface do not get ground into the pores of the gel coat.

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