The White House: Monochrome interiors are anything but boring

 The pristine all-white room can cater to a range of styles. It can be crisp, sleek and modern or achingly romantic. And though it may seem like an easy look to put together, in most white rooms, it can be deceptively difficult to achieve visual interest.

all white study, white room, design fix
Photo courtesy of One King’s Lane
all-white, marble, bathroom, designfix
Photo courtesy of How to Decorate

With the lack of colour, fill in the gap by focusing on different textures. Rugs or throws with rough surfaces, white-washed furniture, and disparate surfaces all add dimension to a room.

All white kitchen, home decor, design fix
Photo courtesy of Dana Van Leeuwen
all-white, living room, decor, modern, contemporary
Photo courtesy of Domaine

Also important is the choice of white. Cool whites with their grey and blue undertones are best suited for a crisp, modern look with minimum clutter and strong, graphic silhouettes.

All white, romantic, decor, white-washed
Photo courtesy of One King’s Lane

Warm whites, with yellow, peach or beige tones, are best for romantic interiors. Natural elements such as distressed wood, marble or stone surfaces, and cotton rugs can accentuate this look.

You can achieve this look with Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” 2016 colour of the year for the Middle East.

Design Fix Editorial Team

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