Iwan Maktabi opens Dubai Mall showroom

We have one more reason to head down to The Dubai Mall, with Iwan Maktabi opening the doors to its first UAE showroom. The opening ceremony was supported by Design Days Dubai, where Iwan Maktabi showcased its new carpets and rugs plus couture collections. Special guest  Jan Kath, the award-winning German contemporary carpet designer who has a bespoke collection at Iwan Maktabi, made an appearance at the event, where his new Artwork and Erased Heitage collections were on show.


Iwan Maktabi started life in Lebanon in 1995 when Mohamed Maktabi opened the first store. The Maktabi family has a long history acquiring fine oriental and antique decorative carpets, with a rich private collection of many rare pieces going back three generations.

With the new store, homeowners in the UAE can easily add to their collection. Each carpet is custom-made and takes between three and five months to finish, depending on the complexity of the design, which shows how much skill and dedication goes into the weave of each beautiful floor covering.



Design Fix Editorial Team

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