All that glitters: Gold on 27 opens at the Burj al Arab

When the Burj al Arab first opened in 1999, it instantly became the Dubai’s most internationally recognizable landmark. Boasting a helipad, 7-star service, and butlers with every suite – the hotel offered a level of luxury which, at that time, was unparalleled.

Design-wise, however, the hotel was known to be more over-the-top than of-the-moment. That may change with the opening of Gold on 27, a cocktail lounge with stunning views over the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s skyline.

The bar’s interiors are predominately, you guessed it, gold. But in this space the gilded surfaces, which can look antiquated and fussy, are rendered contemporary and light. The space shimmers from within, leading to an overall dazzling effect.

The cocktail selections highlight the venue’s Midas touch. The creative libations are named with cheeky Dubai references such as the “Light Sweet Crude” which uses foie gras and blackened truffle oil and the “Scent of the Souk” which uses oud oil, rosemary and spices. Come for the drinks and stay for DJ Darko whose pulsating house music will take you to the early hours of the morning.

GO27_Bar (HR)
Gold On 27 - Wall

Gold On 27 - Bar

Design Fix Editorial Team

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