Day 1: A week with Mosaique’s Lama Qaddumi-Shahin

Mosaique has become one of Abu Dhabi’s best boutiques for carefully curated home accessories and gifts. Every day this week interior designer and founder Lama Qaddumi-Shahin gives other retail entrepreneurs advice on starting up a business and building a brand, drawing upon her own insights, experiences and business model.

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Lama Qaddumi-Shahin gives good advice, from her design boutique Mosaique

In the first of the series, Lama tells us what made her launch Mosaique…

The boutique opened in April 2014, a year after my husband and I had moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. I was on the hunt for something special and unique, unusual pieces for our new home, and I could tell that there was a real dearth in the market for such things; that’s where the idea originally came from.

My vision for Mosaique was for it to become a haven that customers trust and turn to if they are looking for something unique, those conversation-starter pieces.  I wanted to bring the latest and best in design from all over the world and make it accessible to homeowners and décor devotees in the UAE – and I feel we’ve managed to accomplish this.

Nowadays, the discerning customer is very well informed and well travelled, on the look out for something with character and unique qualities. I am proud to hear my customers say that if they saw it at Mosaique they trust that the piece is exceptional quality and checks all the boxes in terms of design quality.

Was it daunting launching a start-up company?

It is always a challenge to set up your own company, but I am grateful to have received a lot of support from my customers, industry peers and – above all – my family. If you focus on delivering quality and ensure great customer service you will be successful. The inevitable obstacles you face at the start are almost like a real test to see whether you are really dedicated to owning a business; they are part-and-parcel of your startup and once you overcome those then things get easier along the way.

Come back tomorrow for day two of our exclusive series of business advice with Lama Qaddumi-Shahin.

Design Fix Editorial Team

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