Day 2: A week with Mosaique’s Lama Qaddumi-Shahin

In the second installment of our exclusive series with the Mosaique founder, she reveals the all-important first steps to take when launching a business…

The first step to launching a successful venture is to have a vision for why you are doing what you’re doing, and how you’d like it to be in ten years, lets say. Once that is set, you have to create and implement systems to ensure this vision is achieved. To do that, you need the right people, enough finances, a strategic plan on how to achieve your goals and when you can achieve them. It can be daunting at the start, because of the amount of work and effort involved in each step, but also because you cannot control everything that goes on around you. It is important to recognise what you have control over and work with that, as opposed to obsessing over things you cannot change.  In the end, everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Tomorrow Lama offers more advice for entrepreneurs who want to launch a business in 2016.

Design Fix Editorial Team

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