Day 4: A week with Mosaique’s Lama Qaddumi-Shahin


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Mosaique is full of collectible pieces for the home

Today Lama answers an important question from one of readers: “How did you plan to compete with the big retail chains in the malls?” Jemma White, from Dubai.

We never started out to compete with the big retail chains; I saw a growing demand in the market for unusual, eclectic pieces and I decided to service that gap. It is important that you understand your business, your niche and your customer well so you can be proactive in your approach. We have always focused on delivering unique products that are not available anywhere else and have worked to ensure that the Mosaique brand is a sign of approval for quality, functionality and aesthetic. Our customer loves us for our curation and personalised services and we have built a strong following over the years from this. We do not try and stock something for everyone; our customer is unique, as is their taste, and we understand and build upon that niche. What you see in our boutique might not be found in any of the big retail stores because most of our products are handpicked from all across the world, from artisans big and small, and as one-of-a-kind pieces in many instances. We know what we do best, and what we enjoy doing and we stick to that; that is what makes us special and sets us apart from the rest in the market.

Lama returns tomorrow with advice on choosing your first product line and how to monitor its success.

Design Fix Editorial Team

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