Day 5 in our week-long series with Mosaique’s Lama Qaddumi-Shahin

In the fifth installment of our exclusive series of business advice from Lama, she reveals how she chose Mosaique’s first range of products, and if she had to learn from mistakes along the way…


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All items from Mosaique, Nation Towers, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

Due to my professional training in interior design, I had a good starting point in terms of selecting items for the boutique. The technical know-how helped me gauge the functionality of items, and my travels introduced me to exceptional handicrafts, designs and artisans.

We now have a range of items on offer, and besides the typical interior pieces you will find unique gift ideas, books, bespoke stationary, and much more, in the mix. Furthermore, a large majority of our pieces are handmade, some are even limited editions, and we have a few designers exclusive to Mosaique in Abu Dhabi, if not to the UAE.

We are also constantly looking and researching for new international and local, established and upcoming designers to support.  I am often asked what is your favourite brand or piece … and my answer is simple: If it has made it through Mosaique’s front door, that means I’m in love with it. Each item has a story, as literally each item has been handpicked.

Mistakes obviously happen in the beginning but I like to think of them as stepping stones towards a greater understanding of the market. A lot of it is trial and error in retail; we monitor our best sellers and watch for an underlying pattern in products that are in high demand, which helps us procure items going forward.  We are also the right size of business to have the luxury of adding new lines as we see fit, as well as being able to have seasonal collections, too.

I always think of the boutique as a baby that needs looking after, as I believe that the minute you ignore it, leave it or let it go, it’s almost like you’ve stop caring … your vision and hard work has gone to waste.

Come back for day 6 when Lama discusses the challenges of maintaining a brand.

Design Fix Editorial Team

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