New Ductac exhibition unveils Chinese interior designers to the Gulf

While the influence of traditional, contemporary and innovative aspects of architecture and design in the Far East has a wide-ranging reach spanning the globe, it has a particularly strong sway here in the Middle East. For those interested in meeting designers from countries such as Taiwan and China in person, head over to Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC) in Mall of the Emirates for its latest exhibition, the second edition of Sino-Arab International Design, hosted by China International Interior Design (CIID).

Its extended title, Exchange Meeting and Global Tour Exhibition of Golden-Creativity Prize Owners in Dubai, sets out its aims and purpose – to award 10 designers from Asia with a platform to meet and network with their counterparts and potential clients in the Middle East, while exhibiting some of their key projects in commercial, residential, hospitality, and arts and entertainment.

Beijing-based designer Bo Tianjing presented her project H2O Club, whose restaurant, bar and cigar lounge are inspired by three states of water: solid, liquid and gas. ”It is an honour to be here,”she says. ”I am very impressed by the architecture in Dubai. Hopefully I can come back here to work with local designers and show more Chinese work to the world.”

While nine of the designers were from Asia, London furniture designer and sculptor Peter Linnett was the ”honorary Asian”, he said, addressing the crowd gathered for the opening reception. The work that he’s exhibited in China includes restored antiques and incomplete pieces that he finishes with imaginative, custom-made flourishes, such as fire grates, sofas and tables. “The Chinese are more ready to find new ideas and different things so my work is accepted there,” he explains. ”They are more receptive to what I do than the British – I find they are very inquisitive about design, and the British can be more conservative.”

The exhibition is supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, Hunan Business Council in UAE, and APID. ”I was very impressed with the standard of work that came from the Chinese designers. We are looking forward to collaborating with CIID for an award based in Dubai to recognize the talent in the region.”

Sino-Arab International Design is exhibited at Ductac until September 21. 


Design Fix Editorial Team

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